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You may experience the effects of mold and radon before you notice they’re in your home. If you suspect your home might be contaminated, call Blake's Home Inspections right away. We’ll perform a mold and radon test and deliver the results to you ASAP. An inspector will review our report with you and discuss your remediation options, depending on our findings.

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7 signs you have mold or radon in your home

7 signs you have mold or radon in your home

An inspector from Blake's Home Inspections will visit your home ASAP to inspect your home for radon or mold. Here are seven signs your home is harboring one of these contaminants:

  1. You have a persistent cough.
  2. You’re coughing up blood.
  3. You’re wheezing or experiencing other breathing issues.
  4. You suffer from bronchitis or pneumonia frequently.
  5. You break out in a rash.
  6. You feel tired all the time.
  7. You’re having trouble focusing.

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